Services offered by GOBS

The accounting and bookkeeping services offered by GOBS include:

  • Developing a company chart of accounts and accounting policy
  • Valuation of assets and liabilities in alignment with the polish accounting act and with regard to established balance sheet policy
  • Preparing INTRASTAT filings
  • Reporting for statistical office (GUS) and central bank (NBP)
  • Preparing monthly reports in the form of balance sheet, profit and loss statement, trial balances, outstanding receivables and liabilities, as well as other reports as needed, including in English and German
  • Monthly/quarterly corporate income tax calculations and drafting of annual income tax filings
  • Maintaining VAT register
  • Preparing monthly/quarterly VAT and SAF-T filings
  • Preparing annual financial statements
  • Engagement in audits conducted by statutory auditor
  • Support in administrative activities, including issuing invoices and preparing payment baskets
  • Review of accounting documents for compliance with Polish law
  • Maintaining VAT register
  • Preparing and filing VAT and SAF-T forms
  • Contact with public authorities
  • Assistance in day-to-day administrative matters
  • Preparing INTRASTAT filings
  • Preparing separate financial statements adhering to local GAAP or IFRS
  • Preparing consolidated financial statements adhering to local GAAP or IFRS
  • Preparing files and schemas for consolidation
  • Drafting and preparing reports for senior management / group management
  • Drafting and preparing statements for controlling purposes
  • Supplementing legally required domestic and international reports
  • Revisions of accounting policy
  • Development of internal procedures and instructions

Services offered by GOBS in the area of payroll accounting include:

  • Establishing and maintaining employees’ personnel files
  • Issuing certificates of employment and wages
    Maintaining vacation records
  • Working time settlement based on timesheet records
  • Maintaining sick leave register
  • Reporting employment and termination of employment for individual employees in the appropriate office of the social insurance institution (ZUS)
  • Calculating net and gross remuneration, social insurance contributions, personal income tax deductions
  • Settling domestic and international business travel
  • Preparing annual reports on social insurance contributions paid on behalf of employees
  • Preparing annual tax filings PIT-4R, PIT-11
  • Preparing monthly settlement filings for ZUS and state fund for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (PFRON)
    Preparing statistical office (GUS) reports
  • Monitoring medical examination deadlines
  • Preparing applications for issuing A-1 certificates for posted workers and european health insurance cards
  • Accounting during liquidation, bankruptcy, transformations and mergers
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Design and implementation of accounting systems
  • Ongoing accounting consultancy and payroll settlement services
  • Reorganization and optimisation of accounting processes
  • Support in selecting specialists for accounting and payroll positions
  • Training in accounting and payroll settlement
  • Managing the accounting of companies operating in SEZs
  • Designing and implementing a chart of accounts enabling control over investments conducted within SEZs
  • Allocation of revenue and costs to in-zone and external activity
  • Settlement of grants
  • Preparing SEZ reports
  • Servicing of audits conducted by SEZs
  • Calculating tax exemptions
  • Performing reporting obligations required for companies operating in SEZs

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