Gałka Olesiński

Business Support

By working with renowned appraisers, we prepare valuations of businesses, organised parts of businesses, or assets. We also prepare valuation models for various non-standard transactions.

If necessary, our valuations are supported by benchmarking research, thus creating a solid and reliable material for the valuation of transactions for business purposes or to be submitted to the relevant authorities.

Benchmarking is a type of analysis of enterprise’s processes and strategies that compares them with the information on entities operating in a similar or identical sector. The ensuing report shows areas that require change.

The benchmarking analysis is an effective tool that enables you to select the right development path by changing what needs to be changed or reorganised, abandoning what turns out to be unprofitable, and investing in what will bring the desired results.

The commitment and dedication of our experts will guarantee the success of your business undertakings.

Pay attention to needs and expectations our Clients, we share below questionnaire which prepares quickly and efficiently valuation of the offered services.